Rant #1 ⚘

Today…was a day. When people see that you are happy , it is almost like something or somebody whispers in some idiots ear and says go try to screw up their happiness as best as you can.  Sadly ,”misery loves company .” If people would take  the energy they use to bring down someone else and gear  that towards themselves, I’m sure we all would be better off.  Being kind is not as hard as some make it out to be. What does one get out of being hateful or as now we call it “petty”?If anyone has that answer , pahlease  let me know!  There is so much good that could be done in this world but too many people are too focused on what’s wrong in it.  I always ask myself.. “Self,  would you want someone to (insert rude/hurtful/stupid thing)”? The answer is always Heck No! I wish more people would ask themselves this question before they act. Now that is wishful thinking on my end.  Just always  know that even if someone decides to be spiteful towards you or attempt to put you down that you can always rise above it. I know it is hard … Trust Me, I Know lol. There has been a few times where I would have rather  smacked someone instead keeping my temperant and remaining calm. I’m not saying to not voice tour opinion or stand up for yourself , jist keep it classy and stay true to yourself.  Because at the end of the day , you have to go to sleep at night  and I would assume you would want to do that having a clear conscious.  Be kind people, just be kind. You never never know when you might need that person you decided to be “petty” towards!  That’s  my little rant of the day and now I’m off to cook some thing very fattening 😊 Until next time!


One thought on “Rant #1 ⚘

  1. Great post, Kandiss! It’s so true that misery loves company! We have to surround ourselves with people who are optimistic and who are always trying to improve themselves. It’s important to not let ourselves be detracted from the petty post on social media or compare our life challenges – to someone else’s false reality. We all have our failures, but we have so many more blessing to count.

    Let the haters, hate … and stay true to who are and always have been! Love you!!! – Val

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