It is Okay 💐

It is okay to want  to be alone , it is okay to be angry,  it is okay to cry, it is okay to scream , it is okay to feel however you feel.  But when you do any of these things, do not feel like you are less than.  Sometimes life gets tough. one thing happens after another and you start thinking what did I do to deserve this, when will I catch a break. It seems as if everyone notices the mistakes you make , turn good things you may do into bad things. There’s been times when I  thought I could punch  a hole through the wall but  instead I’d  call my mom,sister, brother, or bff.  They get my crazy , my struggle… the things that other people have no idea about.  It doesn’t matter how people perceive you. I know some people think I’m lazy, that I could be doing better, that I haven’t made progress in my life.. Lol yeah whatever I know what I’ve been through, what I’m doing and the path  I’m on . And their  opinion for damn sure  Does NOT  matter to me . AT ALL! AS that cute  little girl in the video says ” Worry about Yoself”.  Release that tension, know it is okay to have “moments ” and try to stop caring what  others think. It’s YOU who should care about you and what you think about yourself. Not anyone else. So call your person, fight through the toughness and have faith you will come out on top! You’ve  Got This 😉 Until Next Time, Be Kind to one another!

Kandiss 🌻

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