My personsĀ  (Yes I know that is incorrect) šŸµ

You know that person youĀ  call when you are happy, mad , sad, confused , anxious, or just blah? That person is what I call my person but I have been blessedĀ  with more than my person but personsĀ  lol. Ok I will stop sayingĀ  persons but you get my drift right?!Ā  I feel like I even have them categorized lol.Ā  You know when you have super exciting news , wantĀ  to do something illegal (not forreal but I’m sure a few of you reading have wantedĀ  to blow something up),Ā start crying over some stupid boy/girl or even cameĀ  up with the best idea/creation that you have a certain person you want toĀ  call! To everyone who knows that they are “my person” , I adoreĀ  you! You have helped me, told me things I absolutely didĀ  not want to hear, loved me when I was unlovable,Ā  and had faith in me when I did not. So if any of you have that person, make sure you tell them how much they mean to you.šŸ˜Š Until Next time,Ā  Be Kind to One Another & Happy ThanksgivingĀ  šŸ’›



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