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Well…. I had a great weekendĀ  at home (Texarkana,TX ). I was able to see some family, friends and even meet new people. I was without my son since he spent Thanksgiving with his dad this year. I missed him but I was able to catch up on some much needed sleep and be a tad bitĀ  lazy and it most definitelyĀ  felt great to do so. I ate way too much and didn’t drink enough lol.Ā  But aside from all the goodness this weekend, I did have to witnessĀ  some badness. I’ll just leave it as this,Ā  Ā If you are a man, hitting a woman is something you should NEVER resort to. Ever . Wait,Ā  you would not even be considered a man if you did that. Ladies or even Men, if you are in a situation that you feel like you can’t get out of whether it be physical, mental or emotional abuse, PLEASE reach out to someone.Ā  Do not be afraid. Just knowĀ  and believe you can leave and you are worth more than diamonds and pearls and You deserve to be treated as such.Ā  If someone shows you who they are once… believe them .Ā  Love does not belittle you, Love does not hurt you. Love is kind and gentle.Ā  Ā If something happens to you that you did not consentĀ  to, take the proper steps to make sure it never happens again. No one is worth losing your life over, No one.Ā  To those of you who do the abusingĀ  or have thought about seriously doing harm to someone, Go get help! You cannot undo the wrong you have done but you can definitely make sure you end up on the right path. I forsure did not think I would blog about somethingĀ  like this but just maybe someone needs to read it. I will even attatch a link belowĀ  for those who may need it. Until Next TimeĀ  Be Kind to One AnotheršŸ˜‰.

http://www.thehotline.org. 18007997233


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