I remember hating ... hating the way I look! I recall being in middle school and someone would say you chew like a monkey. 😲😭 Say what?  I would mouth off but gahhlee  can we say Rude! I was also and still am muscular  or manly. I used to squat 1,000 lbs  ( more like [...]

671 Days 💚💙❤

My amazing 5 year old has been listed  on the Heart Transplant list as Status  1B for 671 days. This heart transplant will be his 2nd.  Status 1B: Dependent on intravenous medications or a mechanical-assist device – in the hospital or at home.  Honestly, it does not seem as if it's been that long. The [...]


I have unfortunately learned that  everyone is not your friend nor do they actually give  a damn about you and your well being. They don't ask "how are you doing?" because they actually care if you are good, they ask because they are hoping and wanting to hear something bad. They take pleasure in seeing [...]

So Solo 🌸

Sooo  I ( in my mind ) have been single for  3 years. Legally ,I've only been single 1 year and  a few months.  I say I've been single for that long because my spouse at the time had already checked out. I always wondered how it was so easy for him to move on. [...]