So Solo 🌸

Sooo  I ( in my mind ) have been single for  3 years. Legally ,I’ve only been single 1 year and  a few months.  I say I’ve been single for that long because my spouse at the time had already checked out. I always wondered how it was so easy for him to move on. I attempted to talk to people but it felt weird because I was technically  and legally still married.  I definitely  didn’t think a divorce was what I wanted (little did I know it was exactly what I needed) and I didn’t want to move on when I had not closed that chapter of my life. I needed those 3 years to find myself again. My worth, my confidence… just loving myself.  Looking back , I am not sure who I was  at all.  One of my best friends and I just got through talking about how I look different now in pictures than I did back then.  You can tell I am not forcing anything and I am happy, I am Kandiss again. I am not saying my ex this, my ex that . This is MY perspective about MYSELF. I used to  say oh I  will be single forever, I am too picky. But no, I know what I will and will not accept from a man. I know what I deserve.  I also have to know that whomever I end up with that I will be more than ok with Jaxson looking up to. (No I am not excluding his dad). The reality is Jax is with me the majority of the time so I can not and will not just have any one around him just because I want a man. Not going to happen! I am content with being Solo right now. I just saw a clip from The Real tv show and Tamara Mowry said her mom told her when she was single of course to “Take this time to love yourself and to let GOD love on you as well.” I wholeheartedly  agree with that and I am happy that I have had the time to do so. I will remain patient for the right man and for the right figure for Jaxson. But according to Jax I am not allowed a boyfriend so  I am not so sure how this all will play out lol. This was just on my mind tonight and I thought I would share. Until Next Time , Be Kind to One Another 😉

Kandiss 🌻

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