I have unfortunately learned that  everyone is not your friend nor do they actually give  a damn about you and your well being. They don’t ask “how are you doing?” because they actually care if you are good, they ask because they are hoping and wanting to hear something bad. They take pleasure in seeing you down  and at a low point in life.  Even after you disclose information to said person  they more than likely say some thing negative to you and take that information and go gossip about you. It is really true that when you are in a low point  in life you really  do see  who is genuinely  there for you.  The low point sucks but the positive thing is that you find out who you should not fool with anymore. When I was going through my separation/ divorce at times I felt like certain people  didn’t  care what I was going through. They  were only concerned  with one side and it was not mine. It was a hard feeling knowing that family you thought you had was no more, that the time invested was for nothing (aside from my baby). I look back and saw  how skinny I was 😲. lol  I was working 6 days a week, taking jax to therapy twice a week , waking  up at 5am to give him  meds and taking him back and forth to Dallas when he needed to be there. Maybe  on the outside I seemed put together but I was depressed….Severely Depressed. I was running myself into the ground while his dad in my opinion was off starting  relationships living his life freely. ( Again for the ones reading this that want to make this more than what it is Which is My Opinion just stop already ). I could not  wrap my head around it . This is what separation is!? I’m doing everything , barely having a social life but you can do x,y & z. Out of all that  the only thing I wanted was a “Hey Kandiss I appreciate everything you sacrifice for Jax”, but I couldn’t get that. But now a days I do not want nor need that from anyone lol. I know I  do what I need to do for my Jax. He tells me he loves  me and even  said he appreciated me when I bought him a sprite. A sprite y’all.  Take notes from my 5 year old lol. If you werent concerned when I was sad and felt like the world  was against me then please don’t ask me how I am doing  now that I am happy and feel like the world  is for me! The phone calls I stopped receiving , I do not need them. The “friends ” I thought I needed, I don’t.   Even the negative thoughts I had, that had to stop.  Last Sunday in Church Pastor Rollins said “Stop Coming in agreement with the enemy.” That is true  it is easy to think negative . I always try to find the positive in everything. There is always a lesson to be learned . When you think you need Billy, Joe, Bob and Sally… you don’t lol. Cling to God or the religion you choose, hold on to the positive and you will come out fine. Friendly folks are not who you need to be around. Pay attention to your surroundings and know who is for you and against you.  I’m so thankful for the ones I have in my life. They know exactly  who they are and I want to say thank you again for being there for my crazy, semi crazy and the old Kandiss  ❤. Until Next Time Be Kind to One Another!


4 thoughts on “Thoughts🌼

  1. I love you and Jax so much. I am blessed to have both of you in my life. You are greatly appreciated, and I’ve said this since day one. You are a rockstar and are one of the strongest people I know. Keep rocking it out babe.

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