I remember hating … hating the way I look! I recall being in middle school and someone would say you chew like a monkey. 😲😭 Say what?  I would mouth off but gahhlee  can we say Rude! I was also and still am muscular  or manly. I used to squat 1,000 lbs  ( more like 300lbs, I’m trying to make myself sound super strong)  My high school Coaches were no joke, made me lift weights All The time! I had/ have big thighs, broad shoulders, a little butt,full lips and ok sized boobs. I talked to a total of 3 guys during high school. Usually the first they noticed was my butt. The pretty girls were always slinder and had big boobs. I didn’t fit into that category. Never ,ever  lol. No lie, in my early twenties, I tried purging a few times after I ate or just not eating  all together. I did not like my body and wanted to look like the “pretty girls”. Sadly, it took me 29 years to love myself and my body. After I had Jax I didn’t have a problem losing the baby weight but my boobs changed and my new friends stretch marks decided to show up. I was in a marriage where I felt unwanted, ugly and fat. Girls I would read texts to or about would say, “You are so beautiful”, “Man her friends are so bad”(bad means super fine lol) and etc. I had the lowest self-esteem.  “Even now sometimes whenI receive compliments I want to say “Are you sure you are looking at me!?” before I remind myself hell yes they are lol. I love my legs, my lips and my body. The number on the scaled used to scare me but now it’s just a number. People normally can’t guess my weight by just looking at me. When I was super skinny ( I say super because that’s the phrase  some used) I weighed 160 lbs. Yes at 160 lbs , my collar bones were sticking out and my mom was close to doing an intervention lol. 160 doesn’t  look the best on me.  The picture below is me at 194. I’m just have big bones right?! My point in this whole thing is to always love yourself and to not depend on someonr else for that confidence. Yes it feels very good to hear your bf/gf say you look good but don’t let that be the only validation you feel as if you need. Give yourself that. Be confident not only with your outside appearance but be confident within yourself. No one can love you or believe in you if you don’t  love/believe in yourself. Until Next Time Be Kind to One Another 😚


One thought on “Image🤗

  1. I’m Fergalicious…
    My body stay vicious
    I be up in the gym just working on my fitness
    He’s my witness
    I put yo’ boy on rock, rock
    And he be lining down the block just to watch what I got!

    Love you!

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