Before I had my kiddo, I always heard about “Mothers Intuition” but since I had never experienced it ( aka didn’t have a kid  at the time), I didn’t know what to think of it. But boy have I experienced it alot. The first time was when he was 3 months old and was in heart failure (which I didn’t know). He was clammy, lethargic, wouldn’t eat, and his cry was almost non existent. I took him to the ER down the street from my brother’s  house in Mckinney, TX and the next thing I know we are being airlifted to Dallas Children’s Medical Center. Basically I was told that if I would have stayed at my brother’s and did not take him in when I did that he would have died. Talk about one of the scariest situations everrrr. The second time my intuition kicked in was in November 2015. We were living in Texarkana, TX and I felt like something was wrong with Jax. I took him to his Pediatrician, well it was an on call one) only for her to say oh he just has a cold. The first time, ok maybe it is a cold but I ended up taking him back a few days later only to be told the same thing. Mind you no blood work was being taken or nobody inquired about his heart 😲 Yeah I was dumbfounded. So me being me, I scheduled him a third appointment but before I went I called his Transplant Coordinator and said that the Pediatrician  was probably going to say Jax had a cold again and send try to send me home.  I told her they would not listen to me since I was “just a mom” and I was going to have them call so they could demand blood work and etc. Sadly it went just as I said and they attempted to send us home  but I was like skkkkrrrrttttt  nope call this number please lol. The next day after I got off of work and picked Jax up from daycare I got a call. It was a  you need to bring jax to Dallas immediately his numbers are all wrong. So I packed 1 bag for myself grabbed alot of Jaxson’s things only to get there and see that they had ECMO  on standby. ECMO : known as extracorporeal life support (ECLS), is an extracorporealtechnique of providing prolonged cardiac and respiratory support to persons whose heartand lungs are unable to provide an adequate amount of gas exchange or perfusion to sustain life.  My son was in kidney failure, heart failure and everything else you could imagine.  Again, if I hadn’t have pushed and pushed… well you know what would have happened.  My intuition  has allowed me to pop up at 4 in the morning and feel jax for no reason to discover he was running a fever , about to fall out the bed and since  he sleeps like an alligator I’ve found his broviac line wrapped around his neck. The broviac thing happens more often than I like . But I’m just happy to have that intuition. I’ve even realized that I have intuition with my family, friends, and sometimes strangers. When you know , you know. I actually think it’s God. Like  God is whispering in my ear to wake up, do this, check this and etc. I don’t mind it at all lol. If I never had that little voice,  that intuition… I’d  probably be in the mad house because I can not fathom life without  Jax. So to Mommas, Daddies and everyone else if you think you hear that little voice telling you to act on something  (in a good way , I’m not saying  act on that “I want to slap her ” thought  or “I could choke him to death” thought) or feel like you need to push for your child’s or spouses health, or if you feel like something or someone is wrong don’t be afraid to speak up. I would rather speak up and have the 50/50% chance of being right or wrong  then keep my mouth shut and be all the way wrong. I’m sure nobody wants to look back and say if I just would’ve done this or that. Trust your Intuition  😉 Until Next Time, Be Kind to One Another 💛

Kandiss 🌻


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