My ex sent me a video of Jax a few days ago when he was still dependent on wearing diapers. Everyday on my timehop I am reminded of how small,fragile but strong Jax was. Jax has been receiving therapy since he was 4 or 5 months old. Speech, Occupational & Physical Therapy have been key in getting Jax caught up. He spent around 9 months in a bed, with an Ng tube, a Left Ventricular Assistant Device and on. ventilator. We used to have to feed him or give him formula through his mickey button. I learned how to stick a ng tube down his nose, then check for stomach content and listen for a certain noise to make sure it was in the right place. His arms and thighs were bruised and still continue to be bruised due to us giving him shots twice a day. I’ve learned how to change a mickey button , how to work a pump but most importantly I learned how freaking strong my son is. Through all of this he is still so happy and could probably do the things that I’ve learned on his own. Jaxson you are Everything. Smart,Handsome, Strong, Independent,Sweet,Loving and … Ornery lol. I wouldn’t have made it without you. Now you’re waiting again for a heart. You have waited 719 days so far without complaining and with so much joy. You’re starting to write, spell your name and talk a whole lot more. You are such a goofball and you keep me going, you keep me grounded. Almost 6 years of physical therapy and you’ve graduated! I’m so proud of you and will always be! In a few months you will be 6! 6 years of a very unexpected roller coaster, joy, scary situations, fear, helplessness,heartache, thankfulness, tiredness, exhaustion, confusion and anger. But to see where you are now along with myself I would do it over. You will forever be my hero bug!

Until Next Time, Be Kind to One another 😉


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