🦋Annie Kim 📿2/09/08

You were always that friend that pulled me out of that bad state and lifted me up. Made me see the brighter side of things. You also convinced me to do things I never thought I would ( like enter a contest at club 7 😂, go and hang out with guys you met off the internet in Conway,AR). No matter if we were being incredibly smart or incredibly stupid, there was always this sense of security with you. I remember when we became friends and how we used to write notes alllll of the time. I remember you begging Mrs. Kim to come pick me up and take me to your apartment off of Summerhill Rd. It was the first time I had ever knew that seaweed and rice was a thing lol. We used to walk around the mall together, go see movies and etc. You were my best friend. Well you are still my best friend and will always be. You left good ol Pleasant Grove and started at Texas High and met Aimee. Fast forward a few years, I would come to shoguns and wait for you to get off. Sometimes I’d have a drink of whiskey and coke that you’d have in a stirrofone cup while eating fried rice with yum yum sauce. I was your way of getting off early so I wouldn’t have to “wait” for you lol. I know that you were ahead of your time. The way you dressed, your outlook on life , how smart you were and just how you carried yourself. You would always carry blotting sheets in your purse , gum and your moms credit card lol. You had a smart mouth and you were bossy! I had the chance to see you fall in love forreal and be happy😍I’m so thankful for the time I spent with you. I can’t sit here and say that I didn’t wish I had more time because I’d be lying. Thank you for loving me and accepting me as your Koko. Thank you for making me hang out with Aimee (I was so adiment that I would hate her lol). Thank you for teaching me things when I didn’t realize I was being taught. It’s gotten a little easier but I still miss you dearly. I miss your laugh, smile and our talks. There’s so much I want to talk to you about but I know you already know. You’re still around….I know it. I think I get little signs when I think of you or hell I could just be crazy which is very possible. I know you don’t want me to be sad on the day we lost you physically so I’ll do my best! I can’t make any promises though 🙄. Until we meet again my sweet friend. Keep on flying with Angels and watching over us! I love you forever and always.


Until Next Time my friends, Be Kind to One another 🌻

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