Day 800

In the past 800 days I’ve seen you go through 2 Picc line surgeries , 3 Broviac placements 16 broviac repairs and 2 biopsies. You’ve graduated from physical therapy, started kindergarten( at home), went from not knowing your colors and pronouncing words incorrectly to knowing how to count to 10 in Spanish and starting to want to learn more. Your personality keeps getting bigger and you’re starting to question things more. You take your medicine like a champ but now you want to know why. I try to be as upfront as I can be when you ask me. I’ve made it a point to make sure you feel the same as other kids. I want you to look at them wondering where their bags are and not wonder why you’re the only one with it. You know your heart is sick and that the meds you take help it stay strong. In the past 800 days you’ve lost 2 bottom teeth, become more independent and kinda accepted a new man in my life. You still have your “This is my momma” moments but I can’t blame you lol. We’ve been a team for the longest and now I’ve added a 3rd member. I’ve watched you learn how to operate my phone better than I do, and express your feelings better than I can at times. In the past 800 days not only have I watched you grow into a sweet, smart,sarcastic, curious little boy but I’ve watched myself grow as well. I can’t believe we are waiting for another heart because when I look at you, I forget you need one. You are such a busy body, goofy and sometimes just act like me lol. No matter if we have to wait 10 more days or 100 more days we will wait. You’re perfect so we need another perfect little angels heart for you. But until then Adrian’s heart is doing it’s job. Here’s to 800 more days that I’ve been blessed to call you my son ❤ Until Next time , Be Kind to One Another 😘


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