Dear CHD 💔

Waking up to see your eyes swollen like this hurts my heart. CHD I wish you never existed. Why did you choose my son… or any child? CHD you’ve forced me to learn things and go through moments I would not wish on anyone. Swollen eyes = Fluid retention , which = poor heart function (could be the left side or the right side of the heart). CHD has caused me to have thoughts that I normally would not have. Some of these thoughts would worry some.Before we met I had no idea what you were and how strong parents and CHD kids are. Some days I have to pretend you don’t exist just to make it through my day. You’ve made me grow in ways I wish I hadn’t but It was needed so that I can help fight this fight with my son. CHD you make me feel so helpless , scared , and very emotional at times. But in a way you have made me become stronger than I ever thought I could be, smarter in subjects I never fathomed, and be a voice for my son. You flipped my world upside down but Jax and I are steadily flipping it back to where it needs to be. CHD you’ve met your matches. I won’t let you consume me but I will let this journey with you and Jax be informative for others.

I know this blog is all over the place but it’s a small but true representation of how Jax having CHD makes me feel!

Until Next Time, Be Kind to One Another 😘

Kandiss 🌻

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