Keep On Keepin On

For a split second, I began to think,”How am I 30 years old in this position, I wish I had ( insert numerous things if my circumstances were different).” But it was literally for a second until I reminded myself ” Don’t start, You are doing a damn good job with what you have and you are pushing to make things better.” It is so so easy to speak negatively about yourself and to try to compare yourself to how others are doing. But it should be just as easy to be positive and encouraging.3 The truth is, everyone’s paths in life are different. Everyone’s journey will never be the same as yours. Maybe similar but not the same. Even though some days I can’t remember my phone number and it takes 10 alarms to wake me I keep pushing. I have no idea exactly what my end results are going to be, but I know they are going to be wonderful, rewarding and a huge blessing. I think I’ve been prepared for what I’ve been through and going through just never recognized it. But who would? It’s not like I knew what was about to hit me like a ton of bricks. One of my friends, a single mom of two kids, who worked as a server decided to do nursing school. Which isn’t easy. She didn’t make it through the first time and instead of giving up, instead of feeling sorry for herself she picked herself back up and tried again. She succeeded and is now working full time as a Nurse! Allison, you are so strong and determined to succeed. Another friend of mine, in my opinion, didn’t see how talented she was and kept letting that fear and uncertainty get the best of her. It was one of those things where I kept telling her to just do it ( sounding like a broken record) but for what? Until she knew she could do it and started to think positively about herself, me telling her wasn’t really doing much of anything. It really seemed like one day it clicked, and now I can’t keep up with her lol. She’s happy, doing what she loves and is pretty damn good at it. She makes women who are already beautiful look even better! Plug Time: For those who are in need of a makeup artist look up Aimee Pearson ( IG: mua_aims ) lol. I said all of that to say don’t let where you are now life get you down. You can push through whatever obstacle there is. It may not be easy and at times it may seem impossible but let me be the one to tell you Anything is possible. Try Hard to be positive, just keep pushing each day. Eventually, those days will add up and before you know it you will be in a new phase, a new, even better chapter of your life. This was just something I wanted to get off of my mind!

So until Next Time, Be Kind To Another 🙂

Kandiss 🌻

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