Im on a Diet or Whateva

About 2 weeks ago, I decided that I wanted to make a change. Timehop ( Facebook posts, images that often time remind you of how responsible you were) kept popping up reminding me how much smaller I was and unfortunately, that kinda got me down. I didn’t want to do a fad diet but do an overall change for my health. My brother Randy has made an overall lifestyle changed along with a booming business with getting involved with Evolv.  If you want to know more about Evolv and about the benefits in more detail then check out this link Overall, it is helping me get rid of all the bad toxins I’ve consumed, gives me a fresh start, helps with inflammation, and just feeling better about myself. My first day of starting this journey was on Monday ( 7/2) and boy was it a struggle. I woke up with the worst headache, I was tired, and I was like man nope, not today, no diet today. But instead of putting it off  ( Lord knows I wanted to) I took my morning pill and then made myself a shake. I also had a life bar for lunch and snacked on almonds. I think later that day I had cooked steak and cut it into cubes and had it with kale and zucchini. ( it was so good by the way) Evolv isn’t too strict, it allows you to still eat good food but in a healthier way, and with smaller portions. Tuesday came around and I was still doing good, I had a bar for breakfast, a shake for lunch, almonds and a boiled egg for a snack, and for dinner, I had fajita lettuce wraps.  However, later that night I noticed my face was itchy and I started to see little bumps appear on my face.  My first thought was the Evolv but I wasn’t doing anything crazy so I scratched that idea. After 30years of living, I now have an allergy to Almonds. (WWWWHHHHHAAAAATT)  As you all can guess, I no longer eat almonds lol.  My face is just now getting back to normal!! Wednesday I slipped up and had a piece ( It was small) of a brownie (really small lol) and then Saturday I had a small piece of cake. ( Mind ya business) But even with my slip- ups, I’m very proud of myself. Now I need to make sure I start going to the gym going forward so I can start seeing more results. After week 1, even with my small cheats, I’ve lost 4lbs and I also feel lighter. I didn’t measure myself but I can tell my pants don’t fit as tight. I took before pictures and maybe if I get enough courage, I’ll blog and share those after my 28 days are up with the Evolv Reboot Kit. I’m not doing this change for anyone but myself. I just want to feel better inside and look better on the outside. My goal is to update once a week on this journey and I will be as honest as I can be. I just finished a steak taco bowl but I really want a burger with onion rings, loaded cheese fries and a sundae from Dairy Queen lol. I’m going to stay strong or try to at least 🙂 Until Next Time My Friends, Be Kind To One Another.



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