When you just need time

It’s been a while since I have posted. I was consumed with emotions (depression/anxiety), finances, school, being a mother, and a girlfriend. During all of this I completed my 28day (evolv) reboot and I lost 7lbs. (I didn’t measure myself but my clothes fit better so I will assume that I lost a few a inches). I also passed my summer class (by the grace of God). You know how you feel as if you’re being pulled in every dang direction, well that is me. I tried not to work as much so I could balance school but then I do need to work because I need the money. However, if I work too much, school takes up my spare time and then what time does Jax get. I felt so bad telling him no mommy can’t play with you because I have 2 quizzes to take and studying to do. Or if it’s not that I put off my quizzes, play with him and then I’m awake until the crack of dawn finishing things and before I know it, 6am is here and I’m up and at it again. Being a girlfriend , yeah right I’m trying my best just to not be a zombie lol. Things are a little better because for one Summer school is over lol. I got all the paperwork that was needed for Jax to attend school this year so my baby boy is in Kindergarten. So I’m dealing with those emotions lol. I’m enrolled again for school and start very soon. So I’m sure the feeling of doing too much or doing too little of something will pop up again. But I’m not as worried this time because I know I can do it and will find a way. God always provides. As far as my anxiety and depression, it comes and goes. I pray that it will eventually just Go Away lol.I know that school, the lack of sleep and stressing will payoff. I need to find that happiness within myself again and in turn that will make everything alot easier. So even though I’m exhausted half the time, the gym is going to be a priority as well as trying to see my closest friends more. I will also try to go and do different things with my love because truth be told I can be a homebody and who really wants to be home all the time (Me!! lol).This last part is random but I think important for everyone to know about themselves: Don’t lose yourself trying to please others. It isnt worth it. When someone shows you who they are believe them. Don’t try to pretend you didn’t see it or make excuses. You have one life to live and that should be spent being happy and doing what you love. Everyone deserves to be happy and to be treated with respect. You are worth more than you ever could imagine😘 Until Next Time My Friends, Be Kind To One Another


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