The CALL💙💚

When Jax was first relisted ( for his 2nd heart transplant) I knew there could be a long wait. We were initially told 9 – 12months which were (in my mind) no biggie because we had waited 9 months for his first heart. Well, 9 months turned into 13 months to 15months and so on and so on. At first, I was glued to my phone, never let it died, and had mini panic attacks if it ever did. Around the 800 mark days, I noticed I wouldn’t care if it died. Not because I didn’t care anymore but just because at this point I didn’t think I would ever get that call. The first time Jax needed a heart, he was sick, inpatient and was able to receive any heart ( the best compatible for him of course). This time he was outpatient, didn’t look as if he needed a heart, nor did he act like it. But he was also only able to receive about 12 – 15% of hearts that would come available. He was blocked off from so many markers due to him being exposed to different antibodies. ( Basically, any marker that could cause him to go into rejection they blocked). So in my mind, I just lived day by day, with no expectation of getting the call. I never woke up saying oh today will be the day, not once. 800 days turned to 850, then 900 then 950. Honestly, I knew we were going to hit the 1,000 mark. But little did I know I was terribly wrong. On Wednesday, September 19, 2018 ( My nephews birthday) at 11:41 pm I missed the call. The call I had been waiting 957 days for. I missed it. ( mind you I was knocked out asleep and my phone was on vibrate) I woke up out of nowhere to a text from Jaxson’s dad that read CALL ME ASAP. Still, it didn’t click to me why the message was in all CAPS. I called and that’s when he told me. My first reaction was denial. Yeah right, this can’t be real, but that quickly changed to excitement. Like, OMG finally, Finally my baby has a heart. Excitement went to sadness because yes, Jax got a heart but someone lost their child. The sadness then turned to worry because now Jax ( my kiddo who looks perfectly fine) would have to undergo heart transplant surgery which is riskier the 2nd time around. Basically, I was crying, laughing, Saying Thank You Jesus, and hyperventilating at the same dang time. Talented I know lol. Now I sit here in his room looking at him with his chest tubes and seeing his flesh because his chest is still open. He can’t talk because he is on the ventilator as well as pain medications and at one point a paralytic(which was lifted this afternoon) .Over the days he has gone from needing a form of life support and bleeding like crazy to off of it and minimal bleeding. His pulses are great, his color is great, he is just overall great. When I tell you that God has had a plan for Jaxson Evan, he has. I didn’t always understand things and wondered a lot but I see the big picture bright as day. Since we got the call, Jax has been showered with so much love, as well as myself. I’ve gotten some of the sweetest messages as well as some very unexpected ones ( not in a bad way). Things that have happened in the past 5 days has really made me believe (Not that I didn’t already). So everyone who reads this, Please pray for the Donor Family: Please pray For my son, that he continues to make progress, heal and recover. Pray for myself and his dad. I know by the end of the week Jax will be more awake , ventless and able to be mobile. I’m so so thankful to have finally received the 2nd call I have been waiting for.

Until Next Time My friends, Be Kind to One Another


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