Death can sometimes make its it’s way into your life very unexpected or very expected with a large side of hard to accept.

Death , you hit me with both except you doubled up on the side of “hard to accept”.

Death, you have been busy in my circle ,You took from me, you took from my brother, you took from one of my best friends. All you do is Take and cause Pain.

Death… you are not easy to deal with AT ALL. You stirred up so many hidden emotions, causing me to pull anger out of places I never knew I could.

Death, you made me think Death was the only way I could handle you, the only way I could survive you as so many others have thought I’m sure…

Death you caused me to hurt..physically hurt, as if my body had been plowed into a wall.

Death you caused my appetite to change because the thought of how how quickly you come and go changes someone completely made my stomach uneasy.

Death…you taught me to value life, to say I love you more than I normally would. You taught me that when it’s my time to face you, that nobody in my life would have to question what they meant to me.

Death, you taught me to try to be nicer to my peers.

Death you taught me to ask more questions to my friends, family and acquaintances to see how they are really doing.

So Yes , you (Death) take and cause pain but there is always something positive that can come out of a negative. Beauty that comes from the ashes. That anger turns into a new found strength and determination, That thought of fighting death with death turns into fighting for a better life.

Death is unfortunately everywhere, and acting as if it does not exist helps absolutely nobody. It can alter someone’s life in the drop of a dime. Everything they once knew is no more and that can be mentally taxing. Really ask how someone is doing and really listen. Instead of pacifying them and saying mundane phrases, let them know it is okay to be angry, or to not know why they are feeling a certain way.

When Death comes, it affects everyone differently. Sometimes listening is all that is needed. Kind gestures can pull someone out of that dark place they may be in. Or even asking what you can do or how you can be there for them is even better.

Getting over death also does not have a time limit. “It will get better with time” 🙄.. Sometimes time does the opposite for someone which Is why I don’t like that phrase in regards to grieving.

Death, I have faced you more times that I have wanted within the past 10 months. But I am battling you with the help of my God. Yes, I do know he knows everything and that his will shall be done. But that does not take away from how I may be feeling at times. Just wanted to again express how I have felt over the last few months.❤

Until Next Time My Friends, Be Kind to One Another ❤

Kandiss 🌼

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