I have unfortunately learned thatĀ  everyone is not your friend nor do they actually giveĀ  a damn about you and your well being. They don't ask "how are you doing?" because they actually care if you are good, they ask because they are hoping and wanting to hear something bad. They take pleasure in seeing [...]

Fear šŸŒ·

Now I know I am not supposed to have fearĀ  or be worried but sometimes... I cannot help it when it comes to Jax. You should see my faceĀ  and how fastĀ  my heart beats when I hear himĀ  sneeze. I calculateĀ  alot ofĀ  things.Ā  Before we go to the storeĀ  I thinkĀ  is it [...]

Being Selfish šŸŒŗ

If you are anything like me.. well anything like most mother's, thenĀ  YouĀ  almost always come last and everyone else is first.Ā  The two things I really do first is waking up and brushing my teeth before JaxĀ  lol. HeĀ  eats first, gets dressedĀ  first and everything else and then I half -a$$ get myself [...]

Rant #1 āš˜

Today...was a day. When people see that you are happy , it is almost like something or somebody whispers in some idiots ear and says go try to screw up their happiness as best as you can.Ā  Sadly ,"misery loves company ." If people would takeĀ  the energy they use to bring down someone else [...]