Random 🤷‍♀️

Now that I'm older and have been through certain situations, I know that sometimes the only thing you can do for people is to pray for them and give them/it to GOD. It takes up too much time to wonder why they act the way they do or say the things they say. You can't [...]


My ex sent me a video of Jax a few days ago when he was still dependent on wearing diapers. Everyday on my timehop I am reminded of how small,fragile but strong Jax was. Jax has been receiving therapy since he was 4 or 5 months old. Speech, Occupational & Physical Therapy have been key [...]

The Feels 😣😟

Earlier this evening while holding Jax as he slept, out of No Where a bigillion emotions came over me and I started to have a panic attack. Since last week Wednesday night, Jax had ran low grade temp, his appetite decreased and it seems like he is retaining fluid. For those who don't know, in [...]


I remember hating ... hating the way I look! I recall being in middle school and someone would say you chew like a monkey. 😲😭 Say what?  I would mouth off but gahhlee  can we say Rude! I was also and still am muscular  or manly. I used to squat 1,000 lbs  ( more like [...]

671 Days 💚💙❤

My amazing 5 year old has been listed  on the Heart Transplant list as Status  1B for 671 days. This heart transplant will be his 2nd.  Status 1B: Dependent on intravenous medications or a mechanical-assist device – in the hospital or at home.  Honestly, it does not seem as if it's been that long. The [...]